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Comfortable due to the soft fabric covering the inner part of the mask.
Mask for kids. The outer fabric of the mask is covered with a Nano membrane. Between the outer and inner layers of the mask is sewn a breathable but well retaining fine particles - a filter. Washable up to 40 times in room temperature water.


Put on the mask with the right side to filter the air. Nano Mask TNG face mask can be used after washing and drying. Washable in room temperature water. Nano Mask
Try to cover all the nose and mouth area. Nano Mask Remove the mask by using an appropriate technique. Do not touch the front, remove the ear loops from behind. Nano Mask
While in use, avoid touching the mask not to spread the virus/bacterial/ dust an so on. Nano Mask Clean your hands with soap and water or disinfectant fluid after removing the mask. Nano Mask




Nano Mask

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