About Us

Our Company

Our company is official representative and distributor of certified, reusable protective TNG Nano face masks. We keep all stocks in European Union countries and we do not sell products which exceeds our stock.

What is so special about Nano materials?

Nano materials are covered with an artificial coating that create a protective layer but also retain one of the most important features - air permeability. Nanoparticles group together so that water and dirt do not absorb on the surface. Surfaces coated with nanoparticles have some exceptional characteristics:

  • resistant to fatty substances (oleophobic), water-resistant (hydrophobic), acid-resistant (acidophilic)
  • easy to clean, because it cleans itself on contact with water
  • surfaces are protected for a long time by an invisible and harmless coating
  • more resistant to bacteria and mold
  • protect from UV rays

About our products

Comfortable due to the soft fabric covering the inner part of the mask. The outer fabric of the mask is covered with a Nano membrane. Between the outer and inner layers of the mask is sewn a breathable but well retaining fine particles - a filter. Washable up to 40 times in room temperature water.